Strengthening Process, Enhancing Governance
Comprehensive approach to help achieve business objectives through technology driven, high-quality and in-depth reviews, assessment of controls and benchmarking of compliance

Today, every organisation faces severe competition, where growth and survival are two sides of a coin. It is of utmost importance to monitor and maintain operational efficiency for every organisation, irrespective of its size. An organisation must be nimble, alert and aware of the environment, to sustain the path to the business goal. Reviewing, revising, revisiting the business processes and controls on a periodic basis become important to ensure processes and controls remain relevant to the size of the business, nature of the industry and applicable laws. Risk Management assists an organisation to identify potential risks and mitigate them to enable it to remain competitive in today’s scenario.

Our GRC service line provides services like Internal Audit, ERP Implementation Support, Fraud Investigation, Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance Management, Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures, Preparation and Documentation of IFC Framework, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Testing Support and Internal Audit Effectiveness. In addition to this, we also carry out special projects like Process Re-Engineering, ERP Effectiveness Review and Preparation of MIS & Dashboards on management’s direction.

The Firm believes that the objective of GRC is to enable business as a means towards an end and not an end.

GRC is led by the senior partners of the firm who have vast experience in assisting the clients to manage their risks through adequate governance framework. We also work with inhouse and external domain experts to provide practical and implementable solutions.

Some of the niche areas in which our GRC services play very crucial roles in building robust process & controls and managing risk of our valuable clients are listed for reference.

We provide following services under governance:

  • Internal Audit: Our globally accepted Internal Audit Approach, Use of Data Analytics & Audit Tools and experienced staff having industry specific knowledge offers organisation-specific solutions to assist them to build robust control environment.
  • SOP preparation: Our team develops standard operating procedures / manuals and delegation of authorities that are benchmarked to industry best practice.
  • IFC Framework: Our team assists clients to develop and document the framework for Internal Financial Controls in alignment with the ICAI guidance note Internal Financial Controls over reporting. This service also includes design and operating effectiveness of key controls.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX): Our team assists clients to develop and document the SOX framework in compliance with the requirement of Section 404 (assessment of internal control). This service also includes design and operating effectiveness of key controls in line with the SOX requirements.
  • Internal Audit Effectiveness: Our team reviews the approach adopted by the inhouse internal audit team of an organisation along with recommendations suggested by the team over a period. We suggest the areas of improvements like changes in the approach of audit, type of recommendations provided and process of closure of areas of improvement suggested.
  • ERP Implementation Support: Our team assists clients in automatization of processes and establishing adequate system controls at the time of implementation of the ERP. This service also includes ensuring controls / requirements identified at planning stage that have been incorporated in the ERP.

We provide the following services under Risk:

  • Enterprise Risk Management Framework: Our team assists Board of Directors and leadership team in developing and implementing risk management framework prepared for handling business disruption.
  • Control Definition: Our team assists the entity in defining controls for specific risks and suggests working models to ensure adequate control to mitigate/reduce the risk.
  • Fraud Investigation: Our team has a relevant experience to conduct fraud investigations effectively. We understand the client’s objective for investigation. We customise our approach based on the objective of investigation, nature of business & operations and sensitivity of information involved.

We provide following services under Compliance:

  • Preparation of Compliance Register: Our team assists a management to identify applicable regulations and prepare detailed compliance register.
  • Review of Statutory Compliances: Our team performs review of applicable statutory compliances to ensure compliance to all applicable statutory compliance.
  • Third Party Compliance: Under third party compliance, our team reviews risks related to third parties associated with an organisation. This helps clients manage their relationship with associated third party. Our service offerings include the following:
  • Vendor Review
  • Customer Review
  • Dealer and Distributor Review
  • Inventory Audit / Physical Verification of Inventory
  • Mystery Shopping & Outlet / Store Audit
  • Contract Compliance